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Welcome, New Director’s Circle and Circles Members!

February 1, 2022

The High is grateful to the following individuals who increased their support to join the Director’s Circle and the Circles, the Museum’s premier membership levels.

To learn more about the benefits of generously supporting the High through its premier membership levels, call 404-733-4691 or visit

Director’s Circle
Susan Bass and Tom Bradford
Dr. Xavier A. Duralde and Dr. Mary Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Giornelli
Jane Hiatt
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Dottie Phillips
Calder Willingham Finney Pinkston
Sylvia Russell
Dr. and Mrs. Rein Saral
Gayle Sheppard
Caryl and Kendrick Smith

Three people pose together in a gallery of large photographs.

Caryl and Kendrick Smith with Angelle Hamilton at the Director’s Circle preview of Picturing the South: 25 Years.

Three people stand together in the lobby, smiling toward the camera; one of them holds a wine glass.

Drs. Mark and Marsha Kozinn with Joan Marmo at the Director’s Circle preview of Picturing the South: 25 Years.

The Circles
Kathy and Walter Adams
Diane and Kent Alexander
Gayle and Jimmy Alston
Brian Barkley and Nancy Phillimore
Stephanie and Xavier Bignon
Dr. Joel Makia Collins
Dr. Rachel Dean-Ruzicka and Matthew Ruzicka
Diana Einterz
Mel Emerson
Maggie Fleishman Erickson
Bradford W. Ferrer
Kathy and Pete Hendricks
Sara Hendrix and Jay Terrell
Suzanne and Thad King
Loren and Sandra Koch
Barbara and Jim MacGinnitie
Beth and Michael Marks
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Moore
Terrie and Read Morton
Cindy and Ken Newsome
Dr. Ruth Perou and Ms. Liza Rivera
Daniel Phillips
Melissa Proctor
Cyndi Ratcliff and Jerry Talansky
Jay and Arthur Richardson
Lizzy Riggs and Samuel Martinez
Jeanne Roberson
Emily Sanders and Jon Margolis
Shenara Sexton and Dr. Alonzo Sexton
Angela and Margaret Spivey
Howard and Cynthia Steinberg
Johanne Tingue Tyndall
Clint and Denise Walker
Mrs. Sue Williams

As of January 7, 2022