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New Circles Members

June 1, 2021 | Mark Mills

Thank you to the following individuals who recently joined the Circles!View inside the Robinson Atrium.

Sunil and Preetal Amin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Anderson
Ron and Wendy Bell
Ann and Jeff Cramer
Steve and Ann Critchfield
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Deupree
Mr. Alexander Katz and Ms. Ellen Doft
Mrs. Viki Freeman
Mr. Nathan Gaby
Ms. Judy Sutter and Mr. Edward Garcia
Ms. Kathy Walker and Mr. Kenny Goggins
Mrs. Susan B. Inman
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Y. Jobe
Mrs. Beth F. Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kelley
Mr. and Ms. James Kieffer
Jane H. Knight
Ms. Josephine Lindsley
Mr. Wade Rakes and Mr. Nicholas Miller
Krishna and Raja Mohan
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Morehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Morris
Crystal Paris
Robin and Geoffrey Sangston
Mrs. Judy Shaklee and Ms. Carolyn Shaklee
Mrs. Sherrilyn Wright

As of May 2021